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(All prices for Parc Esta  displayed here are for reference purposes. Prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.)


[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Important Note: To book a unit at Parc Esta, please call +65 6100 7757 to tentatively reserve your choice unit before coming down to the show flat to avoid disappointment. Units are selling fast and availability is based on first come first serve basis. You will get Direct Developer Price with no commission required to be paid. If you wish to visit the show flat first before making a decision, kindly Book An Appointment Here or call us at +65 6100 7757 .[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Studio [Type: A1] (开放式一房)

(1st) Unreleased #01-06 420sqft (39平方米) SOLD

(2nd) Unreleased #02-66 420sqft (39平方米) SOLD

(3rd) Unreleased #03-06 420sqft (39平方米) SOLD

(3rd) Unreleased #03-66 420sqft (39平方米) SOLD

(4th) Unreleased #04-06 420sqft (39平方米) $745,000 ($1,774psf) ($19,103每平方米)

(5th) Unreleased #05-06 420sqft (39平方米) $748,000 ($1,781psf) ($19,180每平方米)

(5th) Unreleased #05-75 420sqft (39平方米) SOLD


1 Bedroom [Type: A2] (一房)

(1st) Unreleased #01-65 452sqft (42平方米) $792,000 ($1,753psf) ($18,858每平方米)

(1st) Unreleased #01-74 452sqft (42平方米) $792,000 ($1,753psf) ($18,858每平方米)

(2nd) Unreleased #02-74 452sqft (42平方米) SOLD

(3rd) #04-14 452sqft (42平方米) $801,000 ($1,773psf) ($19,072每平方米)

(3rd) Unreleased #04-74 452sqft (42平方米) SOLD

(4th) Unreleased #05-05 452sqft (42平方米) SOLD

(5th) Unreleased #08-74 452sqft (42平方米) SOLD


1+Study [Type: AD2] (一房➕书房)

(1st) #03-19 527sqft (49平方米) $893,000 ($1,695psf) ($18,225每平方米)

(2nd) #04-19 527sqft (49平方米) $896,000 ($1,700psf) ($18,286每平方米)

(3rd) #05-19 527sqft (49平方米) $899,000 ($1,706psf) ($18,347每平方米)

(4th) #06-19 527sqft (49平方米) SOLD


1+Study [AD3-P] (一房➕书房) 

(5th) #01-44 517sqft (48平方米) SOLD


2 Bedroom [Type: B3] (两房)

(1st) #02-44 635sqft (59平方米) SOLD

(2nd) #04-44 635sqft (59平方米) $1,022,000 ($1,610psf) ($17,322每平方米)

(3rd) #05-44 635sqft (59平方米) SOLD

(4th) #07-44 635sqft (59平方米) SOLD

(5th) Unreleased #01-29 635sqft (59平方米) $1,042,000 ($1,641psf) ($17,661每平方米)


2 Premium [Type: BP1-P] (高级两房)

(1st) Unreleased #01-41 700sqft (65平方米) SOLD

2 Premium [Type: BP5] (高级两房)

(2nd) #02-10 743sqft (69平方米) $1,173,000 ($1,579psf) ($17,000每平方米)

2 Premium [Type: BP1-P] (高级两房)

(3rd) Unreleased #04-41 700sqft (65平方米) $1,177,000 ($1,682psf) ($18,108每平方米)

2 Premium [Type: BP2-P] (高级两房)

(4th) #01-49 710sqft (66平方米) SOLD


2+Study [Type: BD2] (两房➕书房)

(1st) #03-27 840sqft (78平方米) $1,276,000 ($1,520psf) ($16,359每平方米)

(2nd) #05-27 840sqft (78平方米) $1,304,000 ($1,553psf) ($16,718每平方米)

(3rd) #06-27 840sqft (78平方米) SOLD

2+Study [Type: BD2-P] (两房➕书房)

(4th) #01-22 840sqft (78平方米) $1,315,000 ($1,566psf) ($16,859每平方米)

2+Study [Type: BD2] (两房➕书房)

(5th) #07-27 840sqft (78平方米) $1,317,000 ($1,568psf) ($16,885每平方米)


3 Bedroom [Type: C1-P] (三房)

(1st) #01-64 904sqft (84平方米) SOLD

3 Bedroom [Type: C1] (三房)

(2nd) #02-64 904sqft (84平方米) SOLD

(3rd) #04-64 904sqft (84平方米) SOLD

(4th) #06-64 904sqft (84平方米) SOLD

(5th) #07-64 904sqft (84平方米) SOLD


3 Premium [Type: CP1] (优质三房)

(1st) Unreleased #02-04 1023sqft (95平方米) $1,542,000 ($1,508psf) ($16,232每平方米)

3 Premium [Type: CP1-P] (优质三房)

(2nd) Unreleased #01-04 1055sqft (98平方米) $1,586,000 ($1,504psf) ($18,174每平方米)

3 Premium [Type: CP2] (优质三房)

(3rd) Unreleased #07-04 1023sqft (95平方米) $1,588,000 ($1,553psf) ($16,716每平方米)

(4th) Unreleased #02-77 1023sqft (95平方米) $1,608,000 ($1,572psf) ($16,927每平方米)

3 Premium [Type: CP2-P] (优质三房)

(5th) Unreleased #01-77 1055sqft (98平方米) $1,653,000 ($1,667psf) ($16,868每平方米)

3+Study [Type: CU1] (三房➕书房)

(1st) Unreleased #03-08 958sqft (89平方米) $1,452,000 ($1,516psf) ($16,315每平方米)

(2nd) Unreleased #03-17 958sqft (89平方米) $1,495,000 ($1,561psf) ($16,798每平方米)

(3rd) #02-55 958sqft (89平方米) $1,505,000 ($1,571psf) ($16,911每平方米)

(3rd) Unreleased #05-17 958sqft (89平方米) $1,505,000 ($1,571psf) ($16,911每平方米)

(4th) #03-55 958sqft (89平方米) $1,510,000 ($1,577psf) ($16,967每平方米)

(4th) Unreleased #03-68 958sqft (89平方米) $1,510,000 ($1,577psf) ($16,967每平方米)

3+Study [Type: CU1-P] (三房➕书房)

(5th) #04-55 958sqft (89平方米) $1,515,000 ($1,582psf) ($17,023每平方米)


4 Bedroom [Type: D1-P] (四房) 

(1st) #01-31 1119sqft (104平方米) SOLD

4 Bedroom [Type: D1] (四房)

(2nd) #02-31 1119sqft (104平方米) $1,759,000 ($1,572psf) ($16,914每平方米)

(3rd) #03-31 1119sqft (104平方米) $1,765,000 ($1,578psf) ($16,972每平方米)

(4th) #04-31 1119sqft (104平方米) $1,771,000 ($1,583psf) ($17,029每平方米)

(5th) #05-31 1119sqft (104平方米) SOLD

4 Premium [Type: DP-P] (优质四房)

(1st) #01-03 1227sqft (114平方米) $1,884,000 ($1,536psf) ($16,527每平方米)

4 Premium [Type: DP] (优质四房)

(2nd) #02-03 1227sqft (114平方米) $1,890,000 ($1,541psf) ($16,579每平方米)

(3rd) #05-03 1227sqft (114平方米) $1,908,000 ($1,555psf) ($16,737每平方米)

(4th) #06-03 1227sqft (114平方米) $1,914,000 ($1,560psf) ($16,790每平方米)

(5th) #08-03 1227sqft (114平方米) $1,932,000 ($1,575psf) ($16,948每平方米)


5 Bedroom [Type: E] (五房)

(1st) #02-78 1399sqft (130平方米) $2,234,000 ($1,597psf) ($17,185每平方米)

(2nd) #03-78 1399sqft (130平方米) $2,241,000 ($1,602psf) ($17,239每平方米)

(3rd) #04-78 1399sqft (130平方米) $2,248,000 ($1,607psf) ($17,293每平方米)

(4th) #05-78 1399sqft (130平方米) SOLD

(5th) #13-78 1399sqft (130平方米) $2,312,000 ($1,653psf) ($17,785每平方米)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

To check on unit availability, see the Balance Units Chart

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